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Sadasia McCutchen

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about Sadasia McCutchen

People Analyst


Sadasia McCutchen, from the South Bronx, NY, has been at Google for nearly a year. From being raised by a single mom, and NYPD lieutenant, to implementing a workforce development course for incarcerated women at Rikers Island, Sadasia has been exposed to several perspectives of our country’s criminal justice system. She is currently working towards criminal justice reform at Google through her leadership with Justice for Everyone, and is bridging the gap for black people at Google as a leader in the Black Googler Network. From 9-5, Sadasia is a People Analyst and spends most of her time synchronizing diversity reporting and metrics, as well as providing analyses of Google’s D&I landscape.

Why CBE?

I support CBE given it’s mission to create space for Black people in tech. This is a much needed coalition and I’m grateful to be able to support the work.