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Lloyd M. Johnson Jr.

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about Lloyd M. Johnson Jr.


Chief Legal Executive LLC

Lloyd is CEO and founder of Chief Legal Executive LLC, an executive coaching firm. He has more than 30-years of experience assisting senior executives, Fortune 500 companies and their employees in clarifying personal and professional values as well as creating long term visions resulting in motivated employees, customer commitment and bottom-line performance. Between 2011 and 2018, Lloyd conducted 59 leadership development workshops specifically targeted to in-house counsel. The workshops were designed to help them leverage and expand their strengths and leadership skills. Prior to founding his own firm, Lloyd worked in law departments and public and nonprofit sectors. This panoramic experience informs his coaching. As a manager and supervisor of teams, he knows the challenges many companies and managers face. As a leader of a business unit, he knows what it is like to bear the responsibility of a profit and loss statement for a division. In addition, he understands the necessity of creating environments that help employees thrive, and the importance of setting a long-term vision and strategies that help the team and company progress.

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