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Kevin Scott

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about Kevin Scott

Program Manager


Kevin is currently a Program Manager for an Impact Sourcing initiative where he supports and changes the lives of people living under the poverty line by getting them employed via vendor partner support.  He is a graduate of Delaware State University with a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism. Kevin started at Google three years ago as a vendor site director where he managed the overall performance and delivery of three support centers throughout the US for various Google products.  In addition, Kevin is a global leader for the Black Googler Network and is the co-lead for all Black History Month initiatives. As an 11-year Air Force veteran, Scott advocates support for military members and is a community outreach leader for the homeless and disabled in Phoenix, AZ and Northern California. Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife of 11 years, Kristy, and their three boys – Kristoper, Kaleb and Kole.  

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