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Jordan Medina

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about Jordan Medina

Manager, Social Impact Partnerships


Jordan Medina is a dynamic speaker, program manager, social impact practitioner, and diversity & inclusion advocate. He is a natural bridge-builder: someone who brings together disparate groups, ideas and communities to create programs and systems that serve the greater good. At LinkedIn he manage the US & Canada social impact partnerships; they believe that a strong professional network has the power to lift individuals out of poverty. This has been reflective in his career trajectory. His mother is a secretary; and father a retired janitor. For him, a great education and a strong support network created a pathway out of poverty. His goal is to democratize access to professional networks and economic opportunity so others are also able to achieve economic mobility. When he is not challenging systems of inequality, he enjoys traveling, eating (& to a lesser extent cooking), and being physically active. He is a forever-learner and explorer and welcome any recommendations on things to do that challenge him to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

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